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Process services has become the present day need of most of individuals and businesses who wants to have the perfect litigation support services in different parts of Greece for getting the easy and early legal solution of most of the personal or business problems which demands a person to serve the specific legal or judicial papers to a defendant locating some different part of the country. This is to provide the intimation or information to the defendant to appear in the honored court to submit required statement or witness to support the authorities to have the perfect legal decision by going through different verdicts. This is presently utilized activity for assisting the clients to have the effective process service in Greece to serve the vital document and judicial paper to the right person by identifying him through the given identification details or clues to recognize the person.

Process services in Greece are competent procedures for right litigation supports and serving documents in Greece where an individual or a company can serve valuable civil or legal document like summon, complains, petitions, commercial documents, judicial documents to any person in any part of Greece.

Major process services of Greece are mentioned below:

  • Process Service on summons & address the complaints
  • Suggestive Process Service on Petitions and resolution for petitioners
  • Process Service on civil or commercial matters
  • Process service on other legally official documents

Our process servers are committed to serve all kinds of judicial documents on the civil or legal matters to the correct person within the pre decided time. We are leading in our processes to serve the well known documents of the people which are described below:

Family Documents in Family courts: These are document related to family issues and cover the divorce papers and child custody documents which are served in the federal magistrate’s court for the of purpose personal process service to resolve family issues. The prime use of this type of services is to get the exclusive solution of all family matters in the least possible time.

Personal Process Service: The personal process service includes Summons, Petitions, Notices, Subpoena, Applications, and complaints etc. which are served in order to get the solution of personal issues. This is the meaningful processes for giving the early solution of all process service need on personal issues.

Professional Process Service: These are professional document of any corporate which mainly consists of Complaints, Claims and Subpoenas, injunctions needs the solution of professional matters and similar things by extending the best service. These kinds of services are often taken up by wide variety of businesses and corporate houses to get the perfect service to have easy legal solution of all problems.

Process servers in Greece are cost effective with superior time management to serve legal papers to right correct person anywhere in Greece and other cities. The full procedures are taken up discreetly with great confidence and challenge. To render the services of our serving documents in Greece, kindly contact us on [email protected].

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